Freelance Writing Gigs

This section will be dedicated to freelance writing gigs. I will post information on a variety of writing sites and other freelance writing opportunities you can apply for.


Skyword is a site offering freelance writers the opportunity to write for well-known websites, including Pampers, Daily Glow, Gather, and ImpreMedia. Daily Glow is a site dedicated to beauty, hair care, and personal health and hygiene. Writers writing for Daily Glow will earn $10.00 upfront for each article, plus page view money.

Writers writing for Gather will earn page view money only, but the amount you can earn is quite generous. They also offer bonuses for those who can bring in the readers.

ImpreMedia is an Hispanic news site. They offer page views only and you will have to commit to writing at least 10 to 20 articles each month.

Pampers is looking for freelance writers to write about their experiences with pregnancy and parenthood. They pay $10.00 upfront and a page view bonus. You will have to submit at least 10 articles per month.

Head over to Skyword to apply and to get more detailed information.