Saturday, August 15, 2009

Writer's Resumes

I have been helping a lot of freelance writers lately with creating a writers resume. Many writing sites don't require them, but some do. For example, Demand Studios requires one and this website can be quite lucrative. A writer's resume should focus on your writing experience. Things such as your niches, sites you write for and/or have written for, your education history, technology abilities, private clients and any awards should be included on your writers resume. If I ever send a "cold application" to a private client I always make sure to attach a copy of my writers resume. In your writers resume I also highly suggest providing links to some of your libraries of content. I personally provide links to two libraries of content: a link to my AC page and a link to my BrightHub page.

Your writer's resume should highlight your expertise and accomplishments. Many writer's also elect to add some of their past non-writing work experience. This can be beneficial, especially if you have limited writing experience.

Once you have a writer's resume be sure to update it often. Every time you start with a new private client or website, add it to your writer's resume. A solid and complete writer's resume is priceless for freelance writers. It can mean the difference between getting the client and not getting the client.

If you would like to see my writers resume template please send an email to In the subject line please put "Writer's Resume Help" so that I know it isn't spam. I will not open any emails from an email address I am not familiar with so make sure to put "Writer's Resume" in the subject line.

Be sure to check out the Online Writing Opportunities Ning as well. I'm still getting it together, but the more members we get the more we can all learn.

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