Monday, September 14, 2009

Preventing Writer's Block #1

As writers most of us will face writer's block at least once. However, there are several things we can do to prevent writer's block from ever happening again. I will share the things that I do that are very simple and take very little time.

All computers have Word Pad or a similar program. Use this to your advantage. I always have a Word Pad open I have titled "Article Topics and Resources". When I am at my computer and an article idea pops into my head I type it into this Word Pad document. I also copy and paste and website addresses I find interesting for future article material. I have had this document for at least six months and have not had writer's block since. Try this for a little while and I am sure it will help you to prevent your writer's block as well.

Carrying a notebook with you can help you to prevent writer's block. I do this and I know many other freelance writers carry a notebook with them as well. Take this notebook with you everywhere and do not forget to bring a pen or pencil as well. Your notebook can be a standard-sized one or one of those smaller ones that are about the size of a wallet. The size doesn't matter. What matters is that you have something to jot down ideas in as soon as you have them. This notebook can be a great tool in preventing writer's block. I have used it to write down article ideas such as products to review, events I have witnessed and just random articles that have popped into my head. This notebook can also be useful if you need to write down contact information for potential writing clients.

These two methods for preventing writer's block will cost you less than a dollar and a minute of your time. I highly suggest both using Word Pad or a similar program and a notebook to jot down ideas and websites. Good luck and happy writing.