Friday, July 22, 2011

Writing Sites

I am often asked about sites to write for. Most folks know about Yahoo Contributor Network, Demand Studios and BrightHub, so I will not talk about those in this post. Here is a large list of sites you can check out. If you have any info/feedback on any of these sites (positive or negative) drop a comment on this post. I am sure your fellow writers would appreciate the info! Be on the lookout for individual reviews of these sites throughout the coming months and further info on other sites and writing gigs.

Writer Access can be excellent once you land on a few Love Lists (happens rather quickly). The application is kind of a pain, but worth it IMO. This site is like Textbroker on steroids. Also, do not forget about Textbroker.​m/. Put your Non-exclusives up for reprints folks. Let your reprints earn more for you. If you need some help with this site, shoot me a PM. This site is sometimes slow-going, but the right topics can do you good. I am going to be posting a few posts about it on my blog soon about how to increase your chances of making a sale, so stay tuned.​jobs - Very nice pay, but some work involved.​work-with-us/ - Similar to Demand, but less strict editors.​ers - Comes very highly recommended to me. There is a phone interview involved, but the staff is fantastic and pay is not half bad. Comparable to a YCN beat or DMS.

http://www.writersresearchgrou​ - Not sure if they are still hiring.

Pure Content - Not the highest paying, but constant steady work. UK-based company so you have to write in UK English. However, you can set your word processor to spell check in UK English, making this a breeze. Pay is once a month.

10dollararticles - similar to textbroker. Work is not always available so you have to check in often. $10 per article.​/application-writers.php - Not clear on the details, but I know they definitely pay and that it is halfway decent.

Skyword: Upfront pay from Pampers, Daily Glow and Bounty is $10 plus revenue share. IBM is $40 upfront. You can also do Gather through Skyword through a PV/rev share program. I personally love this company and they pay twice a month now.​/ - Similar to Demand with slightly higher pay, but far less work at this time.

SheKnows and LoveToKnow also come highly recommended to me. I am not 100 percent sure what they pay, but I know for a fact that they definitely do pay.

A few others I do not know a ton about:​ployment/​/careers.html​authors_wanted.php3​ob-seekers/​obs.shtml​ributors/​/apply.aspx