Friday, November 4, 2011

DMS Has Hit Its Iceberg

Demand Media Studios -- or DMS -- seems to have hit its iceberg. Many of us have been predicting this since around January 2011 and have jumped ship months ago. Some folks couldn't just leave DMS as easily as I did and I get that. Plus, DMS did do things in a very shady manner. Today, many titlers got an email that in a nutshell said, "you suck goodbye." DMS has never been known for tact, but their actions lately go beyond lack of tact. They are deplorable. I understand basic business principles. I drop clients that simply are not working for me, but the client has ADVANCED notice so said client is not completely screwed. DMS does not seem to care that thousands of writers, around the holidays no less, are left with nothing. Let's not forget that this company also left titlers and CEs screwed too with their recent shenanigans.

If they want to redo their business model, then good on them. But, to leave thousands of innocent people bobbing in cold dark water at the expense of sudden change is simply cruel and unusual.

I am proud to say that I have not written a word for this poor excuse for a company in nearly eight months. I hope that all of you who are currently on this literary Titanic can soon say the same thing. I will make a point of posting job leads several times a week to try and help you. There is a list of sites a few posts down where you can start. While LoveToKnow has since folded as well, the rest should still be active. Do not wait for DMS to surge again or to be great to you because it will not happen.

Photo is Public Domain