Friday, January 6, 2012

One Goal At a Time

One big thing I learned last year is that to go big, you have to start small. If you are like me, you probably have 50 goals, but it is impossible to work on all of these simultaneously. There are simply not enough hours in the day. So, my 2012 goal is to take one goal at a time and get it started and going while working on my paying work. Of course, I plan to get each of these goals to become paying too, but they are going to need nurturing to get there as they are blogs that will eventually become websites, e-books, novels and art projects.

Since I am working on beefing up my celebrity and entertainment writing, I figure getting my celebrity and entertainment blog off the ground will be my first goal. I will work this throughout January. Then, I will work my Cleveland news blog and NBA blog (both play into each other) throughout February. From there, I will work on building a new blog up each month as I maintain previously built blogs, move them onto domains, keep up with paying work and of course, keep my grades up in school. I will post links to the blogs here as I get them built up.

So, what are your goals for 2012 and how do you plan to tackle them?


DS_Aldridge said...

I have way too many goals and plans. My immediate goal is to start doing more health and fitness writing so I can get an FC in one of the health topics on Yahoo. I want to get Women's health, so I'm concentrating on that. Natural health would be good too.

I also want to eventually consolidate all 4 of the Simply Deb blogs into one site, and get a professional design for The Consummate Gardener.

Other than those, I just want to write, get some private clients, and write some more.

David L. Gray (Yoseph M. Daviyd) said...

Hi Ms. Kitchen,

Sorry to reach out to your through this comment box, but couldn't find a way to contact you personally through YC or an email address here.

I'd LOVE to have to join our team at to contribute whenever you can - also to list our site on your blog as an online writing opportunity. We launch on April 1 (no fools joke) Thanks so much! I'm a fan of yours.


richard murray said...

For ycontributor you can use these tutorials to add feeds of your articles and that of your fans and favorites on your blogspot and elsewhere